Friday, October 9, 2009 larry shapiro/ Family division

Dividing your personal property in your estate can easily be handled with a qualified appraiser. Let's say you have antiques, art, collectibles, and other items of value and you are concerned that your children will quarrel over them upon your death. Hire a qualified appraiser to assign values to each item. When you estate is settled, each child picks out what he or she would like to own. You could use the draw straws method to see who has first pick. Once the first family member has picked an item, then the process continues with each member having turns in the same order. Once everyone has chosen, the dollar value for each individual is added up. The person who has the least in dollar value is compensated with cash to equal the amounts taken by the others. When the process is over, each child has an equal amount either in objects or cash or a combination of the two. Whatever is left over is either sold to a dealer, at public auction, or donated. This system makes the process fair and equitable for everyone.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

appraisers/ what to look for

When you are looking for an appraiser no matter what you need appraised, you should look for someone with credentials. Do they belong to the I.S.A. or the A.S.A.? Both of these organizations are very well recognized and all members are tested both for knowledge and background. Is your appraiser well versed concerning todays laws and tax issues? Do they know the difference between fair market value and replacement value? And most importantly, do they know how to apply values concerning your appraisal? Talk to your prospective appraiser before hiring . Give as much information as you can and ask questions. Remember, your appraisal is important to you and you want it to be accurate. Larry Shapiro I.S.A.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

gold and silver buying scam

Have you noticed lately that your local newspaper is full of large ads offering to pay you "top dollar" for your old and broken gold and silver items. Many times these companies are from out of town and they set up in a hotel room somewhere locally. The reason they do this? Easy answer! They are basically hit and runners. They offer you low prices with the hopes that you will take their offer. In reality you are better off to go to two local jewelers and compare prices. There is a good chance that you will do much better. Also, if any of your items are antiques, there is a good possibility that they have higher value than the scrap value that you are being offered. Take your time, deal with reputable people, get comparisons, and if you have something good, get an appraisal. Larry Shapiro from

Saturday, April 11, 2009 larry shapiro

The prices for many antiques have dropped considerably in the past two years. Middle of the road collectibles have fallen off as much as %50. However, the rare and unusual have continued to grow in price. Gold and silver have climbed higher. The art market has fallen off and even folk art has had problems recently. Condition is even more important than it was in the past.
The three major problems in the market place today are: 1. Failing economy 2. Internet exposure to vast quantities of collectibles. 3. The absence of young buyers. larry shapiro is the web site that represents Larry Shapiro . Larry is an accredited appraiser with the International Society of Appraisers. He has been buying and selling antiques for the past thirty five years. In addition to buying and selling, Larry is a professional appraiser working with attorneys, institutions, and private parties. Appraising personal property including art, antiques, jewelry, furniture, and  many other objects is his specialty. He works with other experts to appraise accurately. Larry appraises for the purposes of insurance, divorce, damage, collection worth, financial planning, and family division. If you wish to discuss buying , selling, appraising, estate liquidation, or any other aspect of personal property, you can call Larry Shapiro at 860 646 6808 or email at: