Monday, January 3, 2011

Larry Shapiro from Appraisals And Antiques has an easy way to remove labels from cardboard boxes

With Ebay and other online auctions becoming the way to sell antiques and collectibles, it seems that recycled cardboard shipping boxes have become an inexpensive tool to use in the shipping process. You may acquire them from many different sources such as your local hardware store, your neighbors, or your own basement. Many dealers have been known to go "dumpster diving" to acquire these boxes. Once you are ready to use them , there are the old paper labels that you have to remove. This is not an easy task unless you use a heat gun or a hair dryer. Just apply heat with either of these devices and the labels will lift off easily. Start in one corner and slowly fan out to the rest of the label. In a short time you will able to remove the whole thing. This process makes "dumpster diving" a more satisfying experience.

Larry Shapiro from appraisalsandantiques tells you how to get rid of white marks on furniture

White rings on furniture are usually caused by condensation under a waxy surface. They often appear on dark wood such as mahogany. There is an easy way to get rid of them. Cigar ashes and mayonnaise mixed together to form a pumice will usually do the trick. Buy a cheap cigar, light it, and let it burn down in an ash tray. Mix the ashes with a small amount of mayonnaise. Next take a rag and apply the mixture to the area that is affected. Rub while applying pressure and follow the grain of the wood. The mark should disappear. You may have to apply the mixture to the whole top to even out the finish. Once you have completed the task, wipe with a clean rag and apply a fresh coat of wax.