Tuesday, August 10, 2010

antique furniture at auction today

Larry Shapiro antiques buyer and appraiser from always buying antiques and on the web at appraisalsandantiques.com recently said: "Antique furniture in general at auction is a steal." "The current economic climate, grouped with the lag in housing sales, and the addition of the younger people habitually buying inexpensive modernistic junk has led to a downturn in the prices of antique furniture at auction today". "Everything from a victorian oak chest of drawers to an antique American highboy has been affected"." The dealers have lost confidence and money in this economic situation we are in and the market is suffering." "In my opinion, we will see an upturn as soon as houses begin to sell and when the younger set realizes that what they own for furniture is not good quality." "Right now you can buy excellent quality antique furniture at auction for half the price of what it was selling for five years ago."

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