Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What is a listed artist? Larry Shapiro Appraisals and antiques

Larry Shapiro a personal property appraiser, antique, and art dealer recently explained what a "listed artist " is. Shapiro explained: "A listed artist is any artist that has had past sales of his or her works documented in one or more books or sites that make available such data to the public." "Also, an artist may be listed without past sales reference, but dollar amounts of past sales are most important for dealers, collectors, and appraisers when considering the value of an artists work". " "When considering the value of a single work of art, it is of great importance to compare this work to other like works by the same artist that have sold in the past." Shapiro, who has been buying and selling for over forty years has an active business based in Glastonbury CT.

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