Friday, October 8, 2010

A great time to buy antiques collectibles

"The economy is bad." "The younger people don't like antiques." "The internet has hurt the antiques market." These are three of the most common complaints that antique dealers in the U.S. can be heard repeating over and over again at shows, auctions, and in the marketplace. Well, guess what? There is a great deal of truth in all of these statements. But, is this the first time that there has been a depressed market? No! There have been many times in the past that the market has been down. It has not alway been exactly like this trend, but nevertheless, markets have recovered in the past. It appears that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Jobs will increase. Houses will sell. There will always be collectors. Survey the situation and buy accordingly. You may not want to invest in a collectible that is being offered on the internet along with 5,000 other examples that have been mass produced. But, you may want to consider a scarce antique in any collectible field that is in excellent condition. Dealers are anxious to sell right now. They need to sell in order to pay their expenses. The buyer is now in the drivers seat.

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