Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Appraisal for divorce written by Larry Shapiro from Appraisalsandantiques.com

Larry Shapiro from Appraisals and Antiques.com who is both an appraiser and buyer of antiques advises his divorce clients to approach their personal property and antique appraisal in an objective manner. Have all joint property appraised at fair market value. Do not tell the appraiser who may get what, what you may sell, or that a specific item has been passed down etc. You want the appraiser to compare apples to apples using todays market prices. If there is going to be a fair family division, then let the appraiser work without being influenced by circumstances that really are not his or her concern. When the appraisal is completed the parties involved will have a useful tool to work from. The division will be equitable and each side should be satisfied.

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