Friday, December 10, 2010

Larry Shapiro selling on Craig's List versus Ebay

When asked which way is better to sell personal property, Craig's List or Ebay, Larry Shapiro the owner of Appraisals and answered the often asked question with another question. "What are you selling?" If you have large usable items like furniture or a wood burning stove, Larry says: "Try Craig's List" "It makes sense to sell it locally unless it is really something rare or special". "Use Ebay for those small collectible items that are in good condition. Small antiques and collectibles and even modern electronics etc will do well on Ebay. It is a lot of work between listing, shipping, and emails, but if it only involves a few things it may be worth it. Using Paypal to get your money from the sale before you ship is a great way to avoid scams. Beware of scams on Craig's List. Have all your money in hand before you let the item go. If a buyer mails you more money than you asked for, it may be a scam. " If you don't know the value of your items and you think they may be valuable, hire an appraiser to help you out. What you spend on an appraiser may increase your bottom line a great deal."

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