Sunday, August 8, 2010

Larry Shapiro antiques and the show promoter

Larry Shapiro from an antique buyer, seller, and appraiser recently was quoted on the subject of the "traditional antique show". Shapiro said: " The traditional antique show is no longer a viable entity in today's fast paced market". He went on to say: "Everything is different today". "Dealers can't show up at a show today and expect to sell items that sold three or four years ago." "Promoters have to work harder to get dealers who connect to todays marketplace and todays prices". " The average buyer today needs to be excited by a show". "The WOW FACTOR is necessary to keep the customers coming back." "We are in a transitional period that needs fuel added to dying embers". "The market today is a buyers market". "They control the market and dealers and promoters have to listen to their customers".

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