Sunday, August 22, 2010

Restoration of antiques/ Larry Shapiro/ Appraisals and Antiques

We are always asked the question: "Is it o.k. to restore an antique?" The answer to that question is very complicated but quite simple at the same time. Each antique, each personal situation, and each restoration project is different. If you have a piece of antique furniture with the original finish and it is missing one leg, is it o.k. to add a new leg? Of course you would add the leg. You should have it completed professionally. But, you would not refinish the whole piece of furniture. You should have the leg constructed and finished to match the original. If you have an antique blanket chest in the original blue paint but you want to paint it red, it would not be wise to repaint the chest. If the present finish is not old, it really doesn't matter.
Every situation is different. The degree of restoration, the value, and the likes and dislikes of the owner are all a concern when considering restoration. Lets say you own a rare hanging chandelier but the original hanging device is broken and you are not able to use it in your home. A professional restoration would allow you to enjoy the use of the fixture. The value of the fixture if restored properly would not be as high as if it were all original.
Don't make rash decisions when considering restoration. Consult a professional appraiser or dealer. Weigh the options and then make an intelligent choice. Over the years we have seen too many costly mistakes that people have made concerning restoration.

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